Mrs. Dsouza
Thanks for the lunches. My mum enjoyed the food. She will continue with this after she returns back.
Mr. Vibhas – BPCL
Wonderful taste. Gravy was very consistent. Well done! Would like to more stuff from you cheers!
Mr. Prasad
उत्तम जेवण सर!! आईची आठवण आली 😊
Mr. Murthi
Taste was good, Especially bringal curry was good
Mrs. Butani
Thank you for the lovely meal it was nice, but please reduce the qty of oil. We would love to order again but request to use less of oil.
Mr. Sunil
Good food. Good taste. Good service. And at a very reasonable cost.
Mr. Manoj
Food is very delicious
Mrs. Ketika Sharma
I liked your food Good taste. Thank you for your service .
Mr. Azar Shaikh
Food was good
Mrs. Sumedha Lal
Food was tasty
Mrs. Parul
Good. I liked the sabzi. Just that daal was salty. Packing was fine
Mr. Mrudul G.
The food is very good.
Dr. Rhea
Nice service and food delivery on time, Good quantity and quality of food👍🏼 ! Thank you so much for your service🙂
Mr. Sushant Gaikwad
Food is good in taste n quantity
Mr. Dipti Worlikar
Lunch was really good

Eager to Eat only serves lunch.